We like the food to do the talking, which is why our presentation is simple and unfussy. The best produce simply doesn’t need to be overworked.

Our fish and shellfish comes from Day Boats landing their catch at Brixham. Some of our fish is line caught and we do not serve species that are under threat on our menus.

Our mussels and cockles are harvested from the tidal section of the Exe Estuary about 3 miles downstream from The Galley: truly local food you could say!

Our meat is supplied by local farms including Pipers Farm where Chef has been to see for himself how meat is reared and prepared and uses his skill to do amazing things with the cuts you don’t often see.

Our vegetables are locally grown from the farms around Topsham and we make sure that only the best produce makes it to our tables.

We are committed to sustainable fishing and farming and only source our produce from suppliers that share this outlook.

We love sourcing interesting ingredients for Lee to cook and working hard to source unusual local produce and wild food.

We like to be creative with some old staples, which you may find on the Pudding Menu from time to time.